3 May, 2021

Shortly, (as soon as bureaucracy allows), the last bit of refitting our kitchen will be finished, as we were allowed to do with the funds for our crowdfunding campaign last autumn. Also the work of stabilising and restoring of our future restaurant, and our stone house "casoni" in the chestnut forest are going forward to the degree possible due to covid restrictions. 

It is certain that we won't be able to initiate a full program of activities this summer, however we don't want to miss the summer holiday time with some activities external to the building. We therefore hope to offer a program of cultural and artistic activities, even if of a limited number, with 3 evenings of theater and 3 concerts. Anyone interested in supporting our artistic and cultural programs can look here: (in Italian) for information regarding our ongoing crowdfunding.

One day will be dedicated to our member Olivo and his experiences as an immigrant in Uruguay, including presentation of a biographical book, conference on the Uruguayan experience and a theatrical reading from the book. Other events will be announced in the future.

We had the first dinner using the new kitchen on Sunday. A seafood dinner on a balmy summer evening, as you can see in the photos below!

A wonderful weekend of dancing to the music of the Pollino, with all of us making fools of ourselves trying to dance to the Tarantelle on Saturday night in the street outside our new kitchen. On Sunday, we moved the party to the Casoni where we had a gigantic berbeque and more music!

27 June, 2021

17-18 July, 2021.

Osteria della Memoria