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Torrano is certainly one of the places best situated with respect to the valley of the Gordana river,  which originates in the municipality of Zeri and flows east to where it joins the River Magra near Pontremoli. 

The Straits of Giaredo is a high and narrow gorge,  incised for several hundred meters along the Gordana torrent.  The walls of the gorge are characterised by colourful rock units that have been carved

into fantastic forms by  the erosive action of the water. These formations can be admired by a unique trek up the cristalline torrent, passing through changing hues of reds, greens and greys as one passes through the layers of grey to greyish green- black nodular quartzites and polychromatic schists.

A site of exceptional interest both from a geological and touristic point of view! 

Events 2021

It is time to resume art and culture in Torrano: The summer program of the Torrano Domani Cooperative for 2021

PAST EVENTS (from 2020)