The Torrano Domani Social COOperative

The  TORRANO DOMANI social cooperative was founded in 2019 as an initiative of the Torrano ARCI ‘Cultura e Solidarietà’. It is a collective project, that in addition to the participation of the members, seeks to involve everyone who shares the objectives and goals of the project; that of bringing new life to a village trying to change its historical course. 

Anyone who believes in this project is welcome here.  

Objectives of the Cooperative

  • revive the life of the village and stop the decline in population,

  • support the actual community of Torrano by redeveloping services that are at present not active in the village.

  • rivitalise the agricultural economy of this mountain area, using environmentally responsible practices.

  • promote the local culinary traditions, with seasonal changes through events held in the cooperative's "Tavern of Memories".

  • create new employment opportunities to revitalise the social fabric of the village and attract new residents.

  • restore, appreciate and make known the countryside, the chestnut groves and the torrents by a restoration and maintentance of paths and trails that connect out beautiful natural areas.

  • attract a new type of "responsible and conscious tourist" who respects the value of our nature and local village life. Curious of discovering the local culture and a past that otherwise is in danger of being lost and forgotten.

  • organisation of cultural activities; music, theatre, and art in the forest, along the streams, in the courtyards and spaces of the village.

Il Progetto